BFT Your Perfect Fitness Tenant

This is your opportunity to join with Body Fit Training (BFT) as a landlord, with BFT being Australias fastest growing fitness franchise, as we continue to expand nationally and internationally.



As the franchisor, BFT brings to the table years of franchising experience, assisting franchisees in -

  • Generating strong brand awareness in every market with robust branding and local area marketing.
  • Leveraging the best resources with BFT HQ to provide superior franchisee support across all areas.
  • After lease signing, execute local studio marketing and sales strategy to create community engagement and drive membership growth.

As a BFT landlord, you will have a blue-chip tenant (BFT Franchisee) who is operating a business with a very compelling financial model due to low overheads at start-up (much or all of which can be financed), high margins per member, and low operating costs... meaning break even and payback of investment is attractive, and ongoing profit per year (based on currently established studios) for the franchisee is significant.

What makes a 'great' BFT studio?

Successful BFT studios currently operate in a mix of retail and commercial zones to shopping centres and industrial estates. But within these areas are some key criteria:

  • Tenancy size - min 220m2 (require 180m2 of unencumbered space for the training floor)
  • Minimum width 8m
  • Ceiling height – minimum 2.9m
  • High visibility
  • Strong tenant mix
  • Good road/public transport access
  • Significant space for prominent BFT branding & signage
  • High patron-drawing locations such as shopping strips, food outlets and other fitness facilities

From a physical point of view the tenancy needs to provide the required space to operate our key aspect which is the training. But it also needs to accommodate a reception zone (20m2) and amenities (20m2), with bonus areas such as storage rooms and offices adding to the overall performance of the studio.

Ground floor is preferred as this creates easier access and visibility, as well as less requirements for building permits.

If you would like to request a copy of the BFT Real Estate Information Memorandum, or if you have a great property for lease which fits the criteria above, we would love to hear from you.